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Re: UWA rediculousness

I like your style.

2 problems though. I need the pro body, and the speed, so no 800 for me unless I can convince my wife to agree to me having a dedicated recreational camera in addition to my work kit. The second issue is the backing up with the 24mm to get it all in. Getting it all in is not the issue most of the time. More of a perspective thing I like on certain photos.

Just ignore my distaste for the 70-200 f4. I'm bitter that it will likely get the nod prior to a much more necessary (in my opinion) 17-35.

SNRatio wrote:

dnercesian wrote:

If Nikon would reboot the 17-35, maybe a 16-35 2.8, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I agree though that my suggested approach would likely not work. It would actually more than likely cause Nikon to do something stupid in retaliation, like a 70-200 f/4. Why Nikon?

Good. So when stupidity comes to reign, as it surely will, you can safely say "It wasn't me".

The 24-70 seems like a good bang for the buck actually, simply because I am not overlapping focal lengths, although I have never used the 35-70 focal lengths, so I don't know if I't would be worth it for me, and I'd have to switch lenses and perhaps lose a shot if I needed ultra wide in a pinch.

You could also use a D800 for such situations, employing varying degrees of crop mode with the 14-24. Going all the way down to 16MP DX, you would have a 21-35/2.8. At least a more discreet way of employing something DX than a D5100 with a Tokina 11-16 protruding from your back, banging into the wall as you try to back up and fit everything needed into that darned 24mm frame of the 24-70. But the 24-70 will provide way more exercise for you, whether you want and need it or not. Maybe you could get it as a prescription?

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