Moscow Monorail SX220 HS photos (6 photos)

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Re: Moscow Monorail SX220 HS photos (6 photos)

Evening scene in Lisbon
Shop in Lisbon
Waiting for the ferry, Lisbon
Funchal, Madeira
Jeans in boots, Funchal

Of course I did not ask. Cartier-Bresson did not ask neither.

peter42y wrote:

In portugal one must get a permission of the individual , before taking a picture of him or her.
This even in public places.
A couple of days ago I was taking a picture of a monument in a Lisbon Garden.
5 chicks - teenagers - were at the bottom of the monument.

I was around 100 feet away from them or more.

I zoomed the camera and took 2 shotsa of the monument.

Picture bellow.

Around 10 minutes later or so the group of 5 female teenagers left.

2 of them came into my direction.
" Did you took pictures of us ? " - One of them asked.

" No " - I said.

I start showing them the pictures I had just taken.

" Let me check it " One of them asked.

I handed over the camera to her.
She checked the pictures I had shot to make sure I was not lying.

She handed the camera back to me , and left .

Welcome to Portugal.

I could have refused to hand my camera to her.., but in that case either I would have been forced to go to a police station ( not far away from there ) , or they would call the cops.

Either way the cops would realize I had no picture of the girls and they would not have been happy for being called for nothing , actually.

In such situation I might have been in the receiving end.

( Why did you not show the girls your camera , saving us the trouble of being called ? - They could have asked me ).

In short : Beautiful Portugal, a country in which you can be almost harassed by a couple of chicks since the law forbids people to take shots of other people whitouth their consent even in public places.

Being so the girls were well within their rights to call the cops if anyone did point a camera to them.

PS : In case someone is a public figure..., such person does not need to give his or her consent to be photographed.

Also in case I am taking a picture of a building or monument..., and a person does appear in the picture , this is not considered illegal.
The individual must not be the main subject of the picture.

In that case is OK to take a picture of him if a monument.., building.., landscape is the main subject.

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