D800 vs D700 : why ?

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Re: D800 vs D700 : why ?

If its about video I recommend everybody to try out a dedicated small videocamera.

I have the Pana 707 (I think it has been replaced by the 9XX series now) and after using a gh1 and now Nex5n and 7 for movies I recently did run some comparisons and my conclusion:

Shooting movie with a dedicated videocamera beats a dslr or mirrorless (m4/3 or Nex) in the following regards IMO:

  • handling for video (motor zoom, display, exp metering etc)

  • the lens in those video cameras is quite fast

  • color of the 3 sensor pana is very good - you need a lot of work if you want to achieve such coor quality with a Nex (I dont know about Nikon D800)

The only advantage of the larger sensors I see would be shallow DOF. You only take advantage of it if you use fast glass. And focusing gets much more difficult. I like that look but I think one has to be a really good "movieguy" to manage the focusing and taking advantage of this look.

I now often carry the Pana 707 additional to a photo camera again when I plan to take movies.

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