X10 Orchids - legendary Fuji color

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There is no such thing as accurate or even close to accurate color rendition, every camera and film has its own "color personality". Furthermore, images look different when viewed on different monitors and when printed on different printers. Accuracy and preference are all individual. Use the DPReview image comparison tool to see how dramatic the differences are between one camera and the next.

And don't even get into the differences between peoples' vision, here the differences are even wider.

So yes, it is kind of silly when someone says that this or that camera has "great color" or "accurate color" or whatever, that is only one personal view that has little chance of agreeing with anyone else, it is just a reflection of one person's opinion; not anything to take seriously.

Just look at all the "Fuji overexposure" complaints on this and the Pro forum. That is all over bright monitors because few non-pros bother to calibrate their monitors. Nothing at all wrong with the cameras.

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