Does Lightroom user need Photoshop?

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Re: Does Lightroom user need Photoshop?

It is indeed good advice. Download CS5 and try it.

However, I would go further and say on the first day you download CS5 or before, watch some basic CS5 training videos that you can find on the web. Get a grasp from the videos on how to do basics like selections, brushes, cloning, masking, and the most important one of using all those on layers and adjustment layers. The power in PS as a complement to LR is in those areas.

Watching training videos is the fastest way to learn. I would say the learning curve for PS is massively steep, even for an LR user, and in a time-limited trial you need to get to understand and use those essentials in as fast a way as possible. You need to see someone using it in a video rather than reading a book which in my experience just leaves you so confused until you get up the learning curve enough.

In general in "normal" photography, you will use PS alongside LR when you need much more control over selective adjustments and edits - e.g. brightening areas, darkening areas, isolating a subject from a background, selective saturation boosts, cloning out this and that, etc., etc..

If you get more explorative then there is massive power and inventive playability in filters and more complex layer blending modes.

PS is just an amazing tool and it does complement LR, but using it is time-consuming because of its power, and so you are likely to use PS on only a few % of images after doing all the basic develpoment essentials in LR. My ratio is around if I take 1000 regular photographic images (just of a day-trip to somewhere for ex.), maybe 100 of those I judge as really worth keeping after LR adjustments and scoring, and 10 of those I may spend time on in CS5.

If I am playing with studio-type abstracts or really trying to be creative then my ratio goes up and maybe 50% of images I play with in CS5. All my images are first processed in LR though.

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