Olympus OM-D (EM-5) comparison samples are now.. (continued)

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Re: Olympus OM-D (EM-5) comparison samples are now.. (continued)

Tremor16 wrote:

I've been following the discussion over the two threads and your replies have cleared up a lot of things - thank you for taking the time Andy!

But I too am a little curious - is there no way to test how different cameras respond to a different lighting situations? I'd be very interested in a series of tests that show how a camera chooses the shutter speed and ISO for a given aperture. One that consistently chooses a slower shutter speed or higher ISO for a given lighting situation would be more problematic in real life automated shooting.

In every camera review, they dedicate a "ISO Accuracy" paragraph to exactly that...here's the page for the NEX7:

If the reader skips over it, then they could be misled by the comparison if the deviation was extreme. But in reality, looking at DPRs reviews, most cameras are within 1/6-1/3 stop of the standard, so it's not a big issue in the least.

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