5DIII a DUD for Landscape Photographers II

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Re: 5DIII a DUD for Landscape Photographers II

RvPhotoTraveller wrote:

Canon spent the last 7 years cultivating Landscape Photographers with the 5D Line, now many feel abandoned and deeply conflicted with this incremental generalist "Catch ALL" body. So tempting to switch to Nikon D800e - but have soo many great Canon legacy lenses like the 70-200 f4 IS and the 24mm TSE II.

The resolution of the 5DIII is probably as good as it gets from a 35mm system.

To get any benefit from a higher resolution sensor you have to set the aperture to f5.6 or less because of diffraction. This is assuming a perfect lens. How many landscapers are there that regularly shoot at f2.8 . There is hardly any difference in resolution between a 22MP sensor and a 36MP sensor with the aperture set to f8 or higher. The limitation is in the optical path, not the sensor. That's why a D800E is possible. The projected image on the sensor is already frequency limited and an anti-aliasing filter is not required anymore.

If you want more resolution for landscapes you have to get a medium format system. Most, if not all, serious landscape photographers use MF.

If you are so concerned about resolution I think your problem is not the 5DIII. It is the wrong choice of format.

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