Another Fujifilm X10 annoyance

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Re: Another Fujifilm X10 annoyance

@ Buckshot

well, well, well...

Right now I am trying to decide if I should be glad or not for discovering XNView through your kind suggestion.

Glad because it does seem to answer a number of issues but also apprehensive as I can foresee many hours of 'experimentation' and perhaps a decision that might end up complicating my workflow.

After a cursory glance it appears that XNView is quite capable and it handles the Fuji RAF files when other converters can't.

Of course although a viewer it still has to process the RAW files. However, it does not appear to apply any lens correction and therefore there is no visible cropping.

The default output is PNG which Lightroom ignores. I used TIF instead but have to study the results more extensively to see if there is any drawback to it.

Some facts

Lightroom import ends up with both JPG and RAW having a pixel count of 2816 x 2116

XNView shows the same for JPG but interestingly 2848 x 2144 both for the original RAF as well a the converted TIF.

Lightroom does not alter the TIF upon import.

watch this space
You can see some of my pix here

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