"Sony: developing DSLTs only"

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EvilOne wrote:
.. where as the OVF is old technology with no room to grow, or Canon and Nikon

My eyes too are old technology. I rather like them that way.

Then your eyes should be more concerned about the actual output image and not the viewfinder which doesn't even represent what you will see in the final image

And a crude in camera Sony-decided jpg on a mini screen is any comparison to a raw-developped file on a calibrated 30" screen with top-class software like Capture1, DxO or Lightroom. You have to be joking.

I'm not saying the EVF is the final result, I'm saying if you can look past the viewfinder and at the actual result the SLT camera is just as good. People get too caught up with the viewfinder when it's really only used for composition and framing, that's it. If you actually use the viewfinder for what it's meant for, and not what technology it is you'd be surprised at the outcome

No that is not what you said and not what you meant.

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