Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

Started Mar 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
Andy617 Regular Member • Posts: 196
Re: Just curious if we've figured out a way...

Boo I'm afraid ther is not yet a solution for iPad but apparently for android honeycomb. That said, the definition of "in a moments notice" is the key. If u want reliability and speed as fast as it appears on your LCD which I do, it either connecting an HDMI LCD display or TV what I would refer to as tethering. I've seen too much liberal use of that word to refer to wireless connectivity as well but tethering is tethering and wireless is wireless. Anyway, only other poss way is eyefi or canon wireless trans but all indications are that this is slower but works. Eyefi being cheapest but least reliable. 5dIII test will prove to be interesting when mine arrives. Hope that was a bit helpful

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