Is your 70-200 VR II getting filled with dust inside?

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Re: Is your 70-200 VR II getting filled with dust inside?

Seems to be a 70-200 "feature" - Thom Hogan commented on it in his review of the lens. Obviously a number of his readers had raised the issue:

"The second reported "flaw" tended to take the form of "I see highly reflective bits inside my lens" or sometimes "there's a lot of dust inside my lens." Again, these reflections don't usually show up unless you're shining a flashlight into the lens (and at an angle). This one is trickier. That's because it is possible to get some appearance of reflective bits off the materials that Nikon uses internally in most of their lenses. But in some cases, it very well could be dust or bits that shouldn't be there. The only way to tell which is which is to have someone who knows what they're looking at take a look at your lens, unfortunately. I've examined a handful of 70-200mm lenses now, and none have a true defect in them. That doesn't mean that there aren't samples out there that don't, but I would expect this to be very rare."

Perhaps it's not as rare.

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