D800=M9 resolution-- raw pictures

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Re: This is about resolution

Ok, please explain to me without prejudice what is wrong with them.
I will try to improve and show the proper comparison.
I can develop only in RT, don't have LR4 or any other D800 compatible developer.

That's why I asked for somebody to share such a D800 file developed for resolution--any postproduction welcome.
So far I can only hear "you are wrong".
It does not help.

Iliah Borg wrote:

nugat wrote:

Of course it does.
But so far it's words words words .

Somebody show own developed D800 file from the IR bank and put it against "my" RT developed M9 file.
Then we'll talk pictures.

You do not understand, the shots are wrong. Nothing to compare. But please continue to defend your mistakes

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