UWA rediculousness

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UWA rediculousness

There is no wide zoom solution for me. I just have to realize that I guess. I am being far to picky for sure, and I have nobody to blame but myself. So I guess the point of this is to see if my uber control freak OCD is common or at least shared with anyone else, or if I have an isolated case of the "boohoo Nikon, give me everything I want exactly how I want it!"

I shoot on a pair of D3's, which will soon be a pair of D4's. I never remove my lenses unless I am cleaning a sensor. I like it that way because it is fast, suits my laziness, and because it keeps me from collecting all kinds of lenses I won't use. One of my bodies is dedicated to the 70-200VR2, but it is the other one I argue with myself over constantly.

Here's how it started. I loved my old 17-35, but couldn't help myself when it came to the 14-24. Reluctantly, I made the switch. The 14-24, as we all know, is just plain awesome. After using it for a while, I missed the 35mm focal length for some of my more intimate people shots and decided to go back to the 17-35. I was in focal length heaven again, but sure enough, I missed the IQ and the 14mm. What did I do you ask? I switched back to the 14-24!

This craziness must end, and I am afraid I may one day break my 2 lens rule. Since there is no 14mm prime that stands up to the zoom, I suppose the 14-24 is a keeper. What to do next is the problem for me. So, besides wanting to know if I am the only wing nut haunted by this dilemma, could you also give me your opinions on the following for a possible, dare I say it, 3rd lens? I hate myself already.

1) 35mm 1.4G - Love the images, hate the lack of versatility. Makes me feel like I'll be switching a lot.

2) 24-70 2.8 - Great images, but 35-70 bores me, so I am likely to waste that portion of the lens, its another honker of a lens to carry, I'll still have to switch when I want anything in the UWA range, and I will drown myself in a bathtub when the first person says, "oh, you got the trinity".

3) 16-35 VR - Will I miss 2.8 DOF? Another big honker. Great focal range though, and I can deal with the mad distortion if I have to zoom out to UWA in a pinch.

4) 17-35 (old faithful) - Giving up a little IQ, but have the 2.8, great build, great focal range, and that comfort level you have when, you know, you've already been there...

5) Urinate in the gas tank of every Nikon executive's cars until they make me a superb 14-35. While they are at it, they can make it a 12-35, throw in VR, and do my laundry.

If you've had the patience to read this silliness all the way through, I hope you've laughed along the way.

Nikon D3 Nikon D4
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