Another Fujifilm X10 annoyance

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Re: misunderstanding

Dash29 wrote:

Usee.......So he only showed a (LR4 modified) in camera JPG and a LR4 RAW version...

My point to the OP was that a camera processed file and camera Raw file given exactly the same colour processing wouldnt be the same end result

Your point was clear...


...but I don't understand, why it is so hard to push the [REPLY THIS MESSAGE] field at the message one want's to reply to...

...or in threaded view the only available Reply field at the single message which is shown?


...and what is wrong with the Quote field?
...or with quotation marks like this: """"?


Hey, it is so easy to misunderstand eachother in the same language... I would be glad, if everyone would try a bit harder to avoid misunderstanding in a foreign language.

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