G1X - Rain, Sun or Pool (some 500D closeup PICS)

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Marco Nero
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G1X - Rain, Sun or Pool (some 500D closeup PICS)

JPEGs - straight from the camera with minor crops (if any). All handheld of course.

I've ended up leaving the Canon 500D Closeup Filter attached via the filter adapter... I just take it off when it's not needed. It's handy and it produces some great shallow DOF, as you can see below. No noise reduction applied during editing. These are essentially what comes out of the camera. Some slight "noise" in the ISO 1600 shots (if you would call it that). I've been leaving the ISO set to 'AUTO' lately. The G1X seems to use the right ISO every time. Unlike my s95.

Some tasty "potato tots" - courtesy of Hooters Australia
You might be surprised at the appeal of the detail captured in this picture.

My other cat (the naughty one) Quorra - 500D Closeup Lens used.

This is why she's naughty: http://www.pbase.com/nero_design/image/142120509/original

It rained this morning.

Nearby grass in the park. - 500D Closeup Lens used.

Steak Enchilada - Courtesy of Hooters Australia

There's some nice, G1X+500D macro shots of that steak here if you're feeling hungry....

Friendly game of pool with my wife. - she won, of course. - 500D Closeup Lens used.

A little Bokeh in the background ... I had Auto WB on here and the lighting changed, hence the color is altered slightly. - 500D Closeup Lens used.

Ever wonder how accurate that G1X Auto-focus is? - click to see. I didn't stop the game to take these shots, I just took them when it was Rena's turn to shoot. I didn't get to line these shots up or re-take them either. - 500D Closeup Lens used.

A closer view of some Sulphur Crested Cockatoos that began swarming on the powerlines near my house. The were attacking a dead possum which had died on the lines because they assumed it was a cat. The possum fell off the wires eventually and was disposed of my a neighbor. You can see just how many here there if you want:


The G1X with 500D Closeup Lens attached - Taken with the s95 (and its rather over-saturated color is showing.) Shots from the s95 are always fairly "punchy", which is why so many people like this camera. Of course, the s95 would not have been able to reproduce many of the shots above with ease. In fact, most would have blurred.

Marco Nero.

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