not very happy with Nikon customer's support

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Re: not very happy with Nikon customer's support


I can't comment on Nikon's service here. but you said your software is 4 years old. And it's not working on your 'New' imac....

Well many outdated software will not work on newer operating systems/hardware. Like you can't expect a package developed for Windows'98 to run on Windows 7, can you? I don't see the software manufacturer at fault here. In fact, they tried best to make it work. You were correct in thanking them.

Berghof wrote:

It took about three months and 5 different Nikon "experts" [many hours on the phone] and finally today I was given an explanation why Capture NX [which I purchased some 4 years ago ] won't work on my new imac.The whole three months I was being advised how to uninstall and reinstall and use this number key and another number key and then asked to while and be patient before a new technician will create a new working key and yes today a fellow named Raphael after some investigation simply told me "sorry, the older version of Capture NX won't work on your imac and you have to buy new version of NX2.You know what I would show Nikon people if they could see my hand. I just thanked him instead for a fabulous service and help and hanged my phone. I won't spend a penny for Nikon product unless I really really have to.I'm not sure I would get much better treatment from any other corporation , now days they all act with too much arrogance.And that's my rant for the day.
Berghof G.C.

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