not very happy with Nikon customer's support

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Karl H. Timmerman M.A.J.D.
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Re: If it makes you feel better...

Alphoid wrote:

... everyone else has worse customer service. Nikon's renowned for (comparatively) good service. Pros use Canon and Nikon largely due to the service. Sony's a bunch of crooks by comparison.

"In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king". Nikon's service IS better than others I have dealt with, (sad, because it still sucks compared to other industries). Kodak failed because it's upper management never understood the impact of digital imaging, even though they held cornerstone patents and failed to aggressively enforce/license them. The folks that purchace the patents will. Sony? Produces some of the most advanced and technologically superior electronics in the world, bar none. The NEX 7, (I have one), is a technological marvel. Their marketing, sales and service branches/departments are on par with a 3 person tech support shop in Bangladesh: totally incompetent. Example? They produce a world class body, (the NEX 7), and two lenses, (one they produce, the 50mm, F1.8 OSS and the other a Zeiss 24mm, F1.8), which remotely come close to matching the body's capabilities. The Zeiss peddles for $1K and is worth EVERY penny, and the S50, which Sony peddles for $298.50 and is worth 3 times that. Point being? The Sony Camera branch/department must be run by folks who were promoted from their "Walkman" branch. Incompetent.
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