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Re: Question, Are all of these, Both Sets, Shot Auto White Balance?

Be that as it may, I went out to look at and maybe buy the S100....because I played with some of its posted images and they are pretty darned good also. Maybe not as good as yours or Marco's but....very acceptable.

However, and maybe other people can comment on this, (or not), but the S100 is one very, very small camera!

Maybe I've spent too much time now with DSLR's and Medium Format...but the S100 is possibly too is tiny.

The s100 is a fantastic camera for candid and street photography, but if you are coming from a dslr and medium format, I can see how you may find it too small and fiddly. If you aren't the sort goes about daily life carrying a bag or pouch the s100 would be the ideal choice (IQ-wise) as a carry anywhere camera that slips into your jeans pocket. For me, I always carry a really small sling bag (a regular bag, not a camera bag) where my g1x (in a neoprene sleeve), speedlite 270ex (in a recycled camera case with diffuser, spare batteries, bounce cards, spare sd cards, spare camera battery), and a small bean bag with me that I use as a tripod.

The G1X is not available where I live yet, but I have shot and enjoyed a friends G12 for comparison purposes....

Well then I daresay you'll love the g1x! Handling and features similiar to the g12, but with much better IQ. The macro on the g12 is fantastic though.

In any case, thanks again....and as to your White Balance Setting?

Most of my shots have been set to auto white balance. I usually only adjust the WB when I shoot with flash.

Lastly, the other reason I looked at the S100 is that it can go wider at the equivalent of 24 mm, while the G1X is 28mm. I can, and have, lived with 28....but that extra wide-ness was desired. Still everyone here seems to be doing well at 28mm...this is no problem for you, (or anyone)?

Well, I know this has been a sore point for many people. But like I said earlier, I've used the Pentax Optio 750z for over 6 years, and (I forget to mention) it was 37.5mm at wide angle! So to answer your question, no. I do not have a problem shooting 28mm. Maybe it was that camera that "forced" me to enjoy shoot tighter. But really, what it boils down to, is the kind of pictures you enjoy taking. I myself enjoy street photography with candid shots, and wouldn't know where to start with landscape photography, so the 28-112mm range would serve me far better than a 24-96mm. Besides, if you've been using crop sensor dslrs like the 7d or 60d, it's highly unlikely that you've shot at a 24mm eqv (unless you've used a 15mm lens). However, if you enjoy shooting landscapes above all else, I can see how you may find 28mm limiting.

Cheers Traveller,
I hope you get to try the g1x soon

Best Wishes, Traveller

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