X-S1 vs. FZ-150 Comparo

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Re: X-S1 vs. FZ-150 Comparo

I agree, their execution is worst and their review shouldn't be taken seriously.

Why would you take a dollar bill at 1/4s? It is very obvious that this shot was blurry.


rhtK7 wrote:

I read the digital camera info review/comparison between the X-S1 and FZ150. I agreed with much of what was said, but found their discussion regarding resolution confusing. In their comparison of the two, they said that the FZ150 was sharper. In the X-S1 review they said that the X-S1 "results aren’t poor, just mediocre." In the FZ150 review, they said "The FZ150 resolves an average amount of detail for a fixed-lens camera". Maybe I'm nit-picking semantics here, but to me, mediocre and average are about the same. Anyway, they included a photo of a one dollar bill, noting the lack of detail. I spent 60 seconds taking a handheld picture of a one dollar bill, applied modest sharpening and contrast, and to me it looks significantly sharper than the one they included in the X-S1 review. Photo's are below. Although I'm always looking for improved sharpness in cameras and lenses, I'm still pretty satisfied with the X-S1's sharpness. I don't own an FZ150, so can't really make direct comparisons, but to me at least, their example with the dollar bill is either a poorly taken photo, or they have a bum camera/lens.

pr: galleries/3232679647/photos/1816367
pr: galleries/3232679647/photos/1816371

Ron Till

Edit: Looked at my post, and see two problems. 1. My photo doesn't look very sharp as viewed on DPR. 2. Can't expand the picture from the review. Frustration!

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