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New Feature for all? EOS cameras

shooter00 wrote:

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shooter00 wrote:

Robert Sheldon wrote:

This feature has already been in DPP for some time (3.11 was released long ago) and works for all Canon RAW images.

How about doing a screen copy and show us what it looks like on your version of DPP.
I don't see anything in the latest version that shows a DLO feature....

With a RAW image open in the edit mode open the tool palette. Click on the NR/Lens/ALO tab. The lens aberation correction is at the bottom. Cllick on "Tune" and another window will open in which you can choose what corrections you want.

Nothing in that menu says Digital Lens Optimizer.....Go back and reread the description Robert it is a new feature being released with the 5D MKIII

OK, I was wrong, there is a new feature.

The DPP manual on the Canon Site under the 5DIII is for a new version of 3.11. It now has a new "Lens" tab at the top of the tool palette which contains the "Digital Lens Optimizer". The manual lists the cameras and lenses that the DLO will work on and it contains most (all?) of the EOS cameras. Now, I did not check them all, but the 5DII and the 7D are on the list (I own these).

Looks like a new version of DP 3.11 will be out soon. If it is significant I may have to go back and redo a whole lot of images.

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