The Large Sensor Look from Micro 4/3

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More shots...

A few more....this one was a failed stitch actually, and I may try and piece it together fully, but I originally also had the OOF tree to the right as well, but ICE couldn't find where they went, so I may need to re-stitch with something else, which I'll try later tonight. As it is with this crop, it's equivalent to a 32mm f/0.5 on full's 64 images with the Rokinon 85/1.4. (I took 80...but 16 didn't stitch as of yet). Unfortunately, the composition really depends on that OOF tree to the right...but I thought I'd post this as of now. The full image is 452 far the largest image I've ever made. The detail level is astounding (you can see every individual pistil for every blossom that's in focus).

And then this one...equivalent to a 50mm f/1 on full frame:

Equivalent to a 60mm f/1 on full frame:

This one is a stitch of 57 images, 311 megapixel image, equivalent to a 40mm f/0.65 on full frame:

Equivalent to 60mm f/1.5:

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