I think the G1 X is completely unique

Started Mar 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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I agree its a great little camera.

Well, just to counter all the nay sayers in this thread, I happen to agree with you. I love my DSLRs but they and their lenses weigh a ton, ok, 15 lbs. They can certainly capture every situation, but its nice to have a camera that can capture most situations, weighs around a pound and doesn't drag in your pack or around your neck. I started with a G3 and this is my 4th G. Great cameras, when I'm backpacking, or to supplement when I have a big telephoto on my DSLR. The G1X looks to be the best G yet.

Its great your son likes the mirrorless system camera and it probably takes great pictures, but if you need real lenses then real DSLR lenses are the best. Just try to find a 24L or 100L or TSE or 500 f4L or Nikon equivalent for your mirrorless.

Is the G1X slow, well, its a point and shoot. Is it heavy, compared to an iPhone yes, compared to a 5DIII no. Does it have good image quality, well, DxO, CameraLabs, LensRentals, i.e. people who have tested it think yes. You want the best image quality, get a 1DX or any of the 5Ds and the best lenses, or the Nikon equivalent. You want the best performance, get a 1DX or 7D or Nikon equivalent. You want the best image quality in a P&S, right now its the G1X. You want a jack of all trades, master of none, get a mirrorless. Just take a look at the CameraLabs G1X comparison with the GX1. Enough said. Cheers.

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