Lens corrections in LR (3&4)

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Re: Lens corrections in LR (3&4)

richardplondon wrote:

Lacko wrote:

Why can I not set any lens from any manufacturer with JPEG?

Each profile was originally generated either from JPG test images, or from Raw (DNG) test images, by the Adobe lens profiling utility. This is recorded in the profile. Lightroom filters down the available profiles listed, depending on the image type you are looking at.

This is the best technically speaking. However provided the camera JPGs are not also receiving any relevant corrections in-camera, this aspect of the photo stays essentially very similar, regardless whether the capture has reached LR by means of a JPG or a Raw.

If you have a Raw profile only, and you want to correct a JPG from the same camera and lens, you can use a text editor to save a new copy of it under a different name (I usually add something to the filename to remind me which is which), also changing the line in the file that identifies it as a Raw based profile, from "True" to "False" (iirc).

This "faked" profile copy works well enough to be very useful - at least, that has been my own experience.


Great tip. wish I had known this before I created some JPEG profiles.

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