Monitor Calibration Devices: "Pantone ColorMunki Display"

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Re: Monitor Calibration Devices: "Pantone ColorMunki Display"

Sailor Blue wrote:

Dual monitor calibration apparently has a lot to do with the video card as well as the OS. I have a Spyder3Elite setup with two monitors, one using a DVI connection, one using an analog connection. It has proven impossible to get both monitors color corrected identically using Studio Match. I will be buying a dual DVI card as soon as possible in hopes that this cures the problem. Other than that I am very happy with the Spyder3Elite.

You may be disapointed. I've two identical monitors at work, but can't get them to match colourwise. I too used to assume the mis-match might be due to how they're connected when they used to be one on a DVi and one on VGA. However now both are connected via DVI and still won't match.

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