Close-up shots with D7000

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You can do it


You can do it. You must, you have the perfect subject!

  • It helps to have some contrast under the active AF sensor for achieving quick and accurate focus. Baby smooth skin of a newborn or fashion model isn't likely to work.

  • For a face use the eye lashes or corner of the eye. The eyes should normally be the center of interest and sharpest focus.

  • For other body parts look for some feature with contrast. Otherwise have someone hold a substitute focus target in place which is removed after focus is achieved.

  • Having the D7000 set to AF-S focus mode, with default focus release priority, and using only the center AF sensor (locked) is old school but remains a reliable way to get in focus shots when you aren't in a big hurry.

  • When you go to shoot put something of contrast under the center AF sensor and half-press. When focus is achieved (beep/green dot) recompose and shoot trying not to move in or out.

  • Being too close to your subject will cause failure to focus and the shutter won't release. Move back some and try again. You have enough pixels to crop later during post.

  • Close-up shooting seems to be more demanding of a steady camera, more so than with more typical subject distances. Consider bumping up your shutter speeds a stop or two. When ISO reaches your comfort level and you still don't have enough DOF then bounce flash might work.

  • Shooting a sequence is a way to improve your chances of at least one sharp shot under conditions of small DOF and handheld. Use one of the continuous release modes and fire off a few frames. It is also possible to take several shots in single release mode and keep focus locked by not letting up on the shutter button past the half-press position then press down again.

Again, you have the perfect subject!

Keep trying, you can do it.


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