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Re: ? Zeiss lenses / Nikon

I only received it yesterday! I bought it in anticipation of my D800 - I believe B&H sold 6 of them in the past week and I think I got the last one from Adorama!

Of course I immediately put it on my D700 and headed to the Botanical Gardens. Given my limited experience I think my D700 tends to overexpose about 1/3 stop with the lens. Focus is smooth and surprisingly easy - but it is slow. It's been years since my Leica M2 and I'll need lots of practice in hopes of reviving my skill. My neighbor rode by on his bicycle and I couldn't focus fast enough ...

Still, I found it easier to focus on the D700 screen than I expected. In bright light the focus is clear with the green light for confirmation. I was also able to check focus throughout most of the frame. It focuses to 1:2 which is very nice. The lens is an f2 and the bokeh is wonderful.

So far, I love the lens.


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