Interesting article on the outsourcing of US jobs....

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Re: At the end of the day, this whole article is rubbish, a rationalization...

Something like a $15 difference in labor costs to build an iPad, etc here vs. made in China.

China is like the US was 100 years ago when it comes to controlling hazardous waste. It is more profitable to dump it in the river.

And there is the tax thing. Remember when Pres Obama asked Jobs how to get production back here. Jobs said, in effect, too late, those jobs weren't coming back, but how about a tax holiday so we can bring in the money stashed offshore without paying taxes on it.

And to be fair, the Chinese have put together a system where you give them the design and a short time later is comes down the line, packed in attractive boxes. All you need is a CEO, a sales staff and a warehouse near the container port.

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