Lumedyne Head Cables (DIY?)

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2 million watts....

tyroiii wrote:

Thanks for the link. I found that our also. Those Amphenol connectors are expensive, I can not understand why it cost $25 for the connector. The material that goes into it can't cost more than $2.

Actually, it can.

You're dealing with plastics that won't pass an arc at 800V DC (110V AC is child's play, by comparison) and handle thousands of amps of current. Pack and head systems have energies from 500 J to 4800 J, and they discharge half that energy (t.5 time) in just 1/1000 sec). So, for a short time, that connector has to deal with two million watts.

Which explains why the connector is expensive. Wait till you price 1000V cable that's abrasion resistant.

Now, think about this for a second:

  • 800V

  • Thousands of amps of current

  • Millions of watts of power

  • More than enough energy to stop a heart

A defibrillator is only 360J, even a small flash is more than that, and a big one may be 15 times more. Enough energy to kill a room full of people.

I recommend buying OEM flash cables.

  1. There's less chance of something going seriously wrong.

  2. If something does go wrong, there's someone for your family to sue.

I found this on ebay. The pins looks like it matches, but the housing doesn't.

I don't know if it will work, if I take a dremel and cut the flange.

That will look very nice on your tombstone.

I don't know if it will work

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