Olympus cheating with inflated iso numbers?

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Re: GF3 vs E-PL2

No. The difference in the amount of noise is quite small, and there are too many other factors that change the noise characteristics between different cameras, even if they have the same sensor.

But you can do a test yourself if you like (at least if you have a camera that doesn't "cheat" according to DXO): Take a shot at ISO100, but with half the shutter speed the camera suggests (i.e. underexpose by one stop). Than take the same shot at ISO200, this time with the shutter speed the camera suggests (i.e. this time you don't underexpose). Thus, both pictures should have been taken with the same aperture/shutter speed-combination.

Now develop both shots in the same raw converter. Compensate for the underexposure in shot 1 by increasing exposure by one stop (this mimicks the different tone-curve my E-620 applies for ISO200- compared with ISO100-shots).

Then compare the developped ISO100 and ISO200 shot. They should look more or less identical with regard to brightness. In the ISO100 shot you should see more shadow noise, though.

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