5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: 5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Unless you either want to go huge with your prints or the current limitations in printing technology change for the better, I see no real value in more MPs unfortunately. So for large and very large landscape photography you may still be better off with medium format film and a traditional process.

If there is no value in more megapixels, why use medium format film??

There are always solutions with more resolution and sometimes more DR (like scanning backs, GigaPan etc.). The big advantage of a FF DSLR is that it is very convenient to carry and use, unlike other stuff that produces (sometime much) higher resolution. For many it is the best compromise at the moment, even more so if you take cost into account (for MF film, the equipment is relatively cheap now but film/processing cost is huge).

IMHO for landscape photography, a mirrorless camera with FF sensor would be even more attractive than an FF DSLR, because the mirrorbox is always a source of vibration and focus accuracy issues. And with higher resolutions, vibration is going to be a major issue. But there is no mature FF mirrorless camera system on the market (yet). Maybe Canon can offer one, as alternative to the 5D3 for the landscapers; high frame rate, dual card slots en high speed AF tracking not required

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