5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: 5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

Skip M wrote:

But those enthusiast buyers don't just shoot landscapes, they shoot portraits, glamour, sports, pets, you name it, sometimes all with the same camera. And they also shoot in tough lighting environments, sometimes without a complete understanding of how to work exposures. The features that the 5D3 has plays right to that market. Yeah, it gives up some pixels for sheer resolution to the D800, but that frame rate might come in mighty handy for their kids' soccer game when they're not out shooting hypothetical landscapes. And the high ISO? Really nice for the kid's birthday party, don't ya think? And it certainly has enough resolution to produce stunning landscapes in sizes most enthusiast/non-pro photographers print, in fact, somewhat beyond that point.

I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I think it is hardly relevant for this discussion. The 5D3 is not a 'dud'(and I don't think the OP meant to say that), it's just that the upgrade is unattractive to most landscape / nature / travel etc. shooters. Many who value image quality already have a very good camera (like the 5D/5D2) and for them the 5D3 is totally uninteresting. Sure, the 5D3 has many upgrades compared to 5D2 but NON of them is compelling for the average landscape shooter (some like the better AF have some value).

For those who currently use APS-C like me, the 5D3 is hardly more attractive than the 5D2 (no progress in four years? come on ...), while the Nikon D800 gets almost everything right (I would prefer a smaller/lighter body though).

As for shooting other subjects with a 5D3: I seriously doubt it. I'm probably going to buy a compact for shooting kids and family, so I don't have to carry my APS-C 'brick' every time. I think most of these FF shooters have a second (smaller) camera nowadays, that they use for their 'other' photography ...

It's a bit similar to the situation with cars: people may drive a small Toyota to work, but when they really want to have fun in the weekend they take out the Porsche or whatever 'premium brand' and try an interesting route. Maybe they don't need the high top speed (certainly not outside Germany), or the superb performance in the corners, and probably most Porsche owners are not professional racing drivers (or even very good drivers in general). They just value the experience of driving a piece of good engineering, just like some people value using a high quality camera with lots of pixels to capture all the detail (even if they don't sell any landscape images, and maybe they don't even print them large either).

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