NEX 7 or 5N - Which way to go?

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Re: NEX 7 or 5N - Which way to go?

bobfa wrote:

I have two 5N's and the second body really helps. With a single EVF for use "outside as needed".

I really "want" an NEX-7 but I am not sure why right at the moment. I see all the comments around the cameras and the summary message I am receiving:

'7 controls (TRI-NAV) and the feel are better.

Yes, much--but it makes no considerable difference unless you are doing opportunistic, shoot-from-the-hip type shooting, which I suppose most of us do.

The images are great but the '5n may do better in low light high ISO.

If you have an automated workflow that reduces your resolution to 16mp from 24mp you get most of the high ISO performance back, except for the auto-iso will goes up an extra stop on the 5n. (But auto-iso isn't as mandatory on a 7, since it is so quick to do manual iso)

Hotshoe is a major feature.

The hotshoe won't mean anything to my photography, unless I start to use it for macros, similarly the built in flash, unless I get smart, and start using it for daytime fill flash--which regrettably I have never gotten around to (too much street photographer mentality, even with willing subjects).

Cost is the final issue.

What price convenience? But as I have argued on the forum, the 7 isn't expensive at all. It's just that the 5N is such a great bargain.

Having two different cameras is hard in the field due to operational differences. I will personally vouch for that!

I would love for a single reviewer to run through both of these cameras and to give us the extended picture like LL did on the '7.

I think you get the idea cumulatively from the variety of posts and opinions.

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