Is the 5D III a successor to the 7D - Is it the perfect sports camera

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another misunderstood thing

At the same subject framing FF loses it's advantage, because you've turned it into a crop camera.

If you have 400MM with 1.6X crop, and put it on FF and crop 1.6X, you have the same effective sensor size, noise (but in the case of the 5dIII less resolution.)

So, you could put a 400 X 1.6 = 600 MM lens on FF. But you'd lose a stop. Same end result. No improvement.

FF only becomes an advantage when you don't need reach. So FF, cropped, is just an expensive and slow crop camera.

By definition then, FF is only useful for situations were you can get as close as you want. Landscape and studio work. Crop is for street shooting, sports, travel, where you can't pick your shooting distance.

ESfishdoc wrote:

EdCanon wrote:

But now my daughter playing soccer and son football, will not be as close as they are with the 1.6 Crop.

No.. they are the same distance unless you move back....

Seriously.. this is probably one of the most misunderstood thing about a 1.6 crop... or any crop vs. full frame.

I shoot with a 7D and 5DMKII and use a 300 2.8 and 100-400L and on the 300 will use a 1.4 and 2X TC. Given the choice... I'll shoot the 5DMkII as I find the images noticeably better for my output. The 7D shines when it comes to challenging targets... small.. fast moving.

Another little discussed advantage of the FF MKII is the low light advantage. The 100-400L is not a fast lens and the sweet spot is f8. The MKII allows me to shoot at iso 800 and higher when needed giving me images I much prefer over the 7D... I like the files much better than equivalent 7D files.

Enter the MkIII... it will take it a step or two better. The new AF will be very nice.

Given the choice.... all other things equal.... if you had to shoot sports with a 7D or MKIII very few people are going to shoot the 7D. Now.. factor in the cost difference it is obvious the 7D survives....

Of course.. .all these are my opinions....

Here is an interesting review...


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