5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: 5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

You are right. There are many more, and that’s a big understatement, enthusiasts than pro wedding photographers who buy dslr. These enthusiasts shoot more serious landscape than weddings. Canon can charge twice the price and still lose money if they only intend to sell 5DIII to pro wedding photographer, not to mention there is already the 1DX. The 22MP sensor and the price of the camera are just miscalculations if not because of technical limitation on Canon’s part.

technic wrote:

please wake up; companies like Canon make money by volume, not with niche products like cameras that are only sold to professionals (like most of all the Canon 1D series or similar Nikon models). Most of the people buying 5D/5D2 type camera's were NOT pro's, they are mostly consumers/prosumers with money, who are willing to pay for better image quality (resolution etc. is far more an issue for landscape and architecture than for weddings, the 'making money' part is irrelevant).

Maybe the 5D3 is going to be an exception, but I know for sure that most of the sales of 5D/5D2 in my area were NOT to 'pros' (and I'm pretty sure the wedding shooters were only a small minority of these buyers).

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