Marsh Bridge Exmoor HDR's

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Re: You arer the boss

Well, it is a balance. I like to post here to get feedback on my photographs. Everyone has thier own view on photographs and what some people hate others will like so you need to take all comments on board and try and develop a balanced view. You can learn a lot, for example what John said about the positioning of the trunk and the branch. I liked the trunk as I felt it added forground interest. I would have liked the overhanging branch to have not been there, had already spotted that as a negative point, but in order to eliminate it I would have had to get wet!!!! Also with respect to the comment about the light. With the place being deep in a valley there is little chance of good light so one works with what one has.

If I didnt want to know what others thought and didnt want to improve I wouldnt post.



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