How much do you think the fair price of 5D3?

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Re: File size discussion

tqlla wrote:

Did people think 21MP raws were too big in 2008? Its 2012, even after the floods in Thailand, hard drives are still cheap. Ram is also dirt cheap, and so are SD cards.

The only thing thats still painfully expensive are CF cards Even those are much cheaper than they were in 2008.

My point is, if your computer was able to deal with 21MB Raws in 2008, your 2012 computer should be able to seal with 36MB Raws.

I would submit that cheap or inexpensive is relative to the indivdual. I personally don't know what people think but the discussions in these 22 mpix vs 36 mpix threads seem to center on only the RAW file size. Which will go to your point that CF cards do remain "expensive." I do think that it is shortsighted to stop storage, memory, and processor concerns simply with RAW file sizes though.

As far as the new computer system I would again say costs, hence the storage space, memory, and processing power of a new system or even a new system at all, are relative.

Understanding all of this may be important to someone planning to upgrade cameras depending on their relative financial position. This would apply not just to someone deciding between a 22 mpix and 36 mpix camera. It would equally apply to someone upgrading from their 12 to 18 mpix APS-C camera to a new full frame 22 mpix or more camera, relatively speaking.


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