Edit Footage Based on Camera Data / Camera Metadata?

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Re: Edit Footage Based on Camera Data / Camera Metadata?


I've been getting into the field over the last year and that's all I've found. I've used FCP7, Premiere 5 and most recently and extensively FCPX. Video footage is coming from a Canon T2i, and some old point and shoots and iPhone.

Metadata for consumer video (pro too?) seems to be in the dark ages compared to stills. I'd love for someone to come along and tell me I'm wrong and to just, something!

FCPX says it uses metadata as its powerful organizing feature, and it does, but as far as I can tell it's all metadata you hand enter as you import footage and the metadata is put into FCPX's private database, unviewable elsewhere with any other program.

And I cant see any meta I've entered into files in Bridge or LR within FCPX. I have seen the focal length, aperture and other items in the video, but I cant remember where. There are sidecar files that get lost/separated way too easy.

After all that I'm angry at video metadata!

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