7D II - Anyone heard anything else about this ?

Started Mar 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
dpetk10 Contributing Member • Posts: 915
it must be coming but when ???

I think it is pretty much a guaranteed to be coming out at some point but when who knows. imho a 7D II or some sort or upgrade will come because or else you have all these people with the 7D that really have no upgrade option.

The thought i have read about the new 5d filling that role with a blend of features is foolish because many 7D users are shooting wildlife and giving up the 1.6 crop is a huge, and would be extremely costly in the lens department.

Another note would be that NIkon will be bring out a replacement to the d300s eventually and canon will absolutely need something to compete with it.

Dave Pet---- wssa 193PX

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