a57 Comparison on dpreview

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Re: a57 Comparison on dpreview

tbcass wrote:

ICatchx22I wrote:

I did.. I found myself liking the NEX-5n and D5100 way more.. Seems weird when it's suppose to be the same chip and everyone saying the SLR only looses a bit of light.

I was really hoping for NEX-5n levels of IQ in a better more classy system. Guess ill wait for more sample pictures to surface up as we get closer to april 20th.

Maybe you're spending too much time examining every pixel looking for flaws. In the end all of them take excellent photos. The worst thing that ever happened to photography was the ability to pixel peep to the nth degree rather than focusing on the camera as a photographic tool. What about the colors? What about focusing speed ergonomics and handling? These are far more important than what the photo looks like under a microscope.

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You nailed it Tom. Differences in these samples are so minute that the slightest photographer's technical error will have far greater influence on the final outcome.

It's just crazy how much time people devote to scrutinize every pixel a camera produces.

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