When will the x1pro zooms be available

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I suppose adjusting the projected framelines is enough to enable optical VF

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I love the x10 zoom lens and would love a similar zoom for an x1pro rather than buying fixed lenses. How long will I need to wait and do we know anything about the zooms eg size, weight, manual, how will the optical viewfinder cope.....?

What do they intend to do with the hybrid O/EVF w/ the zooms on it?? Just skip it altogether? If I'm not mistaken, they'll have some sorting out to do wrt what the OVF shows & what the EVF shows...and it won't be "matched."

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I seem to remember hearing a Fuji UK exec claim that the zoom lenses with be EVF only although the comments werent reportered much so maybve they were wrong/misquoted?

My guess is that Fuji is going to launch a second body latter this year at a lower price without the OVF and have the rumoured 18-72mm f/4 as its kit lens. Probabley not something really cheap but perhaps to be near to the same market as the NEX7/OM-D?

Interesting guess. I can see that happening too.

Now that I have a better sense of how the frame lines project, I think all they would really have to do is shrink/enlargen the projected frame lines on the hybrid Optical view. It would get the job done, albeit it would be a little useless on the long end, given how small the box would become. I seem to recall them saying that the OVF would offer two magnifications, which would help keep the frame lines reasonably large in the viewfinder at the longer focal lengths.

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