Crossroad again - 85mm f1.2 or 5dmk2

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Chez Wimpy wrote:

I kind of agree with this... that's why I asked that question in the first place. Because 85L is a special lens that was meant to be used on a FF body.

I consider the 85L to be the best crop portrait lens in the era where FF was (is?) unaffordable. At least before the 85Lmk2 was released and virtually doubled the lens price. On my 20D, I used the 85L classic to great effect, and it made a huge difference in my work over the 50/1.8 and 85/1.8. Learning with a tighter crop meant the 135L on FF is "just right" while the 85L, nice for its wide aperture, is short for my style. Bokeh is quite similar between the two on FF.

I thought you were saying that 135L + FF was a REAL upgrade, unlike 85L + crop.

Because, I could sell my 7D and for the same price of 85L f1.2 get 135L AND 5dmk2.

Hm... yet another interesting idea!

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