5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Has the 5D line really been "landscape cameras" in the past?

Both previous 5D's were obviously very good landscape cameras but I'd argue that landscape use really wasnt what drove most of the sales.

Yes AF was very limated but I'd argue that was more a case of trying to sell more 1D's than it was building the ideal camera for its intended market. In terms of resolution Canon was also releasing crop sensors within the lifespan of both 5D's that offered near to the same resolution. I'd argue that the biggest selling point of both 5D's was ISO performance which obviously greatly outclassed anything being offered on ASPC.

With the 1D line shifting to FF I'd argue the 5D mk3 is also targetting users who cannot afford the 1DX. Ontop of that I'd guess Canon views it as a mcuh clearer upgrade path for 7D users, a model that was very sucessful at targetting the "all rounder" amature market. For both of those markets the 5D mk3 obviously does offer an increase in resolution aswell.

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