X-PRO1 : annoying lens blade chattering - EVF quality - focus behavior

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X-PRO1 : annoying lens blade chattering - EVF quality - focus behavior

Bought X-PRO1 3 days ago with 35mm f1.4
Sadly, I can only confirm that :

1) The continuous sound coming from the blades of the lens' diaphragm is annoying, and, from my point of view, disappointing. Every time the light change the blades close or open making a "tick-tick-tick-tick" that distract the photographer and, in a quiet environment, also the subjects.

2) the EVF freeze the scene every time you acquire the focus ... and when you finally shoot, the scene you are taking (for example the expression of the subject) is totally different from what you have "freezed" in the EVF. This can be obviously a pain if you are taking portraits.

2a) the EVF refresh is surely slower in comparison , for example, with the EVF of Nikon V1 or the Panasonic Gh1 (they also doesn't freeze during focus acquisition)

3)the focus is sometimes "inconsistent" I mean that sometimes works and sometimes not and the photographer does'nt has the sensation to understand the reason why

I had the time to see on my calibrated monitor some photographs taken yesterday and, to be honest, the focus precision seems of very high level (one of the best seen) I will post later afternoon some photo to show the quality.

But the 3 points above are important in the evaluation of the camera, and, from my point of view, really disappointing. Expecially if you think at the value of the camera and what the suffix "pro" means fo us.
I really, really hope that Fuji can fix them.

In this moment that I write these notes, cameras like the Nikon V1 (lower in global terms of quality , importance level and.. price range) are way better regarding the EVF quality and absolutely not suffering of any blade chattering problem.

I will talk in these days directly with Fuji to understand what can be done and I let you know as soon I have an answer (probably for monday).
Sorry to report and best regards to everyone

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