Aliasing in Modern Cameras

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Re: Aliasing in Modern Cameras

Enjoying this thread...

I completely agree with Richard here.

I saw aliasing from my very first Foveon shot while pixel peeping just within the camera's image review feature, but didn't mind the way it looked compared to other camera's aliasing.

Also, it seems to be a given that proper viewing distance is now equal to the long dimension of the image. I must be dated on that stat, but for me, it was always around 1.5x the diagonal, or farther still. According to the provided calculations, that reduces the 'megapixel resolution' of our eyes (and ensuing demands) quite a bit.

And as commented, I find printing helps substantially when using a good photo-specific application (like a 'Qimage' style app far exceeds an OS-included app).

I can't say yet how working with the SD1 series will change my impressions, but even working with heavy crops and different print sizes on lower-res Sigmas hasn't caused a problem for me yet.

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