5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: Here's 15 advantages over the MarII for landscape and studio

Clint Dunn wrote:

David...I respectfully disagree. As an example...what do I care about higher ISO ratings as a landscape photographer? Hell, I shoot night-time landscapes at ISO400 and below, you just make longer exposures. No serious landscape shooter is going to do landscape shots at ISO25,600.

The only area where the 5D3 is better than the 5D2 for landscapes is the addition of the digital level and better ergonomics.

So, you don't find:

1) Better weatherproofing to be an advantage for landscape? You do shoot outdoors, don't you?

3) Weaker AA filter. It's lets the resolution actually shine through as detail. It's one reason the old 5D nipped at the heels of the 5D2, even though it gave away 9mp in resolution. Its weaker AA filter allowed the relatively liimited number of pixels give the appearance of more resolution than it actually had, even though at the cost of moire. Moire shouldn't be a problem for landscapers, should it? (Unless you get a pesky power line in the shot... )

4) Better noise characteristics and better pattern noise at low ISOs. Not an improvement for landscape? I've heard tales of better DR, but I've not really seen any evidence of that, but still, with better noise in the shadows, those shadows are better brought out in post.

8) Better bracketing options. That should be an improvement for landscape shooters, too.

I'll admit that these aren't compelling reasons to upgrade from a mkII, true. But the camera is hardly a "dud" for shooting landscapes, and is, I might point out, the second highest resolution full frame camera on the market today, and the third highest resolution DSLR on the market, now, too. It out-resolves every offering from Olympus, Pentax, Sigma and Samsung, other than the Pentax 645D, at nearly $10,000. Sure, it may drop a position on both those lists when/if Sony brings out their next full frame body, but as for now, it's right there.
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