First attempt at Lacrosse

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Re: First attempt at Lacrosse


Don't sweat the horizon. Always post process. Shoot NEFs. Shoot longer lens (200-300+). Shoot close to wide open ( f2.8 to f4). Shoot tight ....but I understand that to follow action you do need to have some field of view. Sometimes you are guessing on what's unfolding within that tiny field of view and the action is actually somewhere just beyond it ... swing and shoot without waiting to confirm what you see! Crop in post. Expect to throw away lots of crap. Crop in post. Not saying just machine gun.... I'm saying loosen up. Film is cheap. Have fun. Shoot bursts. People saying good technique is better than high fps. Bull$t. They don't understand lacrosse. Good technique works with high fps and vice versa. Sometimes you recognize the characteristics of certain teams or specific players.... once they have the ball you know they will take it to the net and never pass the ball (like Carmelo Anthony ). But you can only anticipate so much in lacrosse ... particularly if they are playing a high speed motion offense. Lower level lacrosse isn't as demanding.

Get comfortable with what you expect to produce. Maybe it is action featuring one person or action involving interaction of many players, maybe it's capturing face shots of players so they enjoy seeing themselves in your webpost, maybe it's capturing the event... there are so many perspectives to appreciate and when you understand what appeals to you or what you are trying to project for others, you'll be in better touch with a shooting style and plan that produces for you.

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