Never gotten better pic than with old FZ30

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Re: Never gotten better pic than with old FZ30

WOW, these are outstanding pictures!

Since 2001 I purchased the following cameras starting with a Canon G2 followed by a Panasonic FZ30, Pentax K10D, Panasonic LX3 and Sony HX100V.

The one camera that I will never sell is the FZ30. Last year, after spending some time in the Sony forum I ordered the HX100V thinking that it would equal or surpass the IQ of the FZ30. But this was not to be the case. I made many comparison tests and in all of them it is very easy to spot which camera is which. The exposure and the level of detail from the FZ30 trump those of the HX100V.

I know that the LX3 and Pentax are good cameras but the FZ30 is so easy to use, so forgiving and the photos are so beautiful that it's always the one camera that I like to use.

Too bad that the race for mega pixels and video diverted the attention of engineers away from such high quality photo concerns. To date, the FZ150 is probably the best CMOS high zoom bridge camera. But I'm not sure that it can beat the FZ30. If someone has both of these cameras, I would love to be proved wrong.

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