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Re: G: A Hypothetical

I ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY agree with you.

The notion that the worst thing you can do is to let the camera 'think for itself' turns logic and language on its head. That's not merely bizarre, it's SICK.

It sounds like a practical joke. But if Fuji's the joker, what does that make the buyer?

Next time I'm looking for a hand-held puzzle, I think I'll buy a Rubik's Cube.

Larry Winters wrote:

Hi Tim:

AS others have pointed out, it shouldn't take the best photographers just to get acceptible results from these newer EXR sensored cams. One should be able at the minimum set it on 'P' mode with normal settings and Provia color and fire away to get acceptible results. Every other P&S I've owned this has been the case. Then from there one can tweak and experiment to get more desireable results. With the EXR cams one has to tweak and experiment just to get NORMAL acceptible results. This is BS.


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