K20D- Is it just me?

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Re: K20D- Is it just me?

Love this post.

Yes I have "a few K20D's" and a K-5

Love the K-5 for it's very fine high ISO and the other features.

The K20D's on the other hand are my go to cameras for just about everything. I stayed with the K20D when the K-7 came out because of it's better high ISO performance, and I did not care about video.

I think the Sony 16mp sensor is one of the best produced to date and was hoping for a great mirror less from Pentax when they came out with the K-01. Not having an articulating screen killed it for me and I went with the Sony NEX 5n so I can still use my great Pentax glass.

Back on subject, yes, the K20D is one of my all time favorite cameras !


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