Lack of Nex 7 RAW Support in Aperture 3

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Re: Lack of Nex 7 RAW Support in Aperture 3

reehumm wrote:

In my testing I prefer the conversion of Aperture 3 to LR. However I change the defaults in the RAW conversion to 0 on sharpening and noise reduction. Even at ISO 1600 the grain is more filmlike if you turn off noise reduction. I do this for all ISOs. I add a sharpen adjustment to the image instead of using the sharpening in the RAW converter section. Gives better results and incredible detail at low ISOs!

To me the Aperture RAW processing for NEX-7 files is better at base ISOs. I get much less apparent noise at 100-400 in Aperture. However, above that, noise is more pleasing and easily reduced in ACR/LR. Hooray for complicated workflows!

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